Recording Studio

Record in our 96 track digital studio

Recording Studio Control Room

 In addition to playing drums I have also held positions of Director of Audio/Video at  very large organizations, and have worked with many Famous Entertainers.

Recording’s in my studio have been on the Radio, Television, and even MTV and VH1.

I have recorded on the famous 2″Analog tape systems, the ADAT days through the state of the art Digital world of today. This wide and long range of experience has allowed me to design a Professional  recording and music production system.

Here at DrumLane Studios we take a Very Professional yet “Relaxed” way of doing things. Located a bit off the path adds to the creative setting.  You wont find the Stress and tight Schedules here. We feel the Process should be exciting, creative and the end Product Outstanding. We are all about setting that Creative “Vibe” so you can be at your very Best!


Add Drums to your Song

Need drums added to your song? NO Problem ! We can add drums to your song (s) any style, and actually played by a Professional Drummer, no drum machine or loops unless that’s what you want we do Awesome Beat Production and loops!.

Send us your song in .wav 44.1, 48 hz, 96hz, or mp3 and we will add the drums and give you back the songs with the drums mixed in. (we will also include a separate .wav or mp3 file of just the drums) other formats available contact us for  other options.

Tracking and Mixing

From a personal demo to a full band we can do it. We have Extensive Music Production and midi capabilities. Artist without a band…NO Problem! We have access to 100′s of Professional Studio musicians along with powerful music production systems. We can put backing tracks behind your song. Drummers, I owned a Vintage drum shop and have a selection of World renowned drums and cymbals for that one of a kind sound. We also have extensive digital, sampling, midi and beat production capabilities!



Song Mastering is an art, don’t be fooled. After all it’s YOUR song and future! At Drumlane Studios we use state of the art mastering Tools along with 30+ years experience in the music and recording arena.  __________________________________________________________________

Studio/Recording Consultant

Have a home studio but just cant get your recording quite right, having issues with setup or the the drum tracks (most people do) ?

I am available for studio consulting and Producing on an hourly basis. Save yourself hours or days of frustration simply by learning a few “tricks of the trade”. Learn – Tracking, Mic selection and placement, Using FX, Mixing, Midi, Mastering, in your studio or mine.