Digital, sampling, and midi drums

Not only am I a fan of vintage drums, but also a fan of digital drums as well. A wonderful option in the studio to get awesome drums quickly, and also totally editable. I recorded one of my first albums on a roland set in 1986. Since I have recorded many cd’s and used digital drums live on many occasions. The ability to change drumsets, percussion and even play sequences live adds much to the overall sound. not to mention much less setup and sound checking. You sound great in any room and you have the ability to change the sound to match the music. I often used a small octapad/drumkat type setup for rehearsals, great sounds and in a very small package able to rehearse in small places and control the volume.

Technology is awesome, in this day we have the ability to use better than cd quality samples of real drums, layer them based on velocity, bell, bow , edge, and choke cymbals, and the end result is amazing sounding drums that can be changed to a different drumset or percussion setup and the push of a button (of foot switch).

My project moving forward is to take the technology I use in my studio (10 drum modules, software and 1000’s of top quality samples) and go live with it. Not so much like a normal digital “set” but a very mobile, easy to setup unique kit with a Drumkat turbo 2000 as a main controller and with the capability to sound like any and every drum or percussion sound at top studio quality. So keep checking back!

My goal will be much like this video –




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